Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What can movement add to a performance? - Example 3

One of the best things that movement can add to a performance is audience interaction/participation.

Here is in an example. This is the Main Street Philharmonic from Disney World. They sometimes march while playing the parades at the theme park. However, they also stop for performances as well. In this video, there are in one area. There is a little bit of dancing and grooving with the music but no special choreographed routine. The part that I would like to emphasize is the movement for pictures.  While playing, the members of the group pose for pictures with people.  I think this helps keep the audience engaged and it makes the performance interactive. In concert hall performances, those onstage may come across as cold and indifferent to the audience.  These players are the exact opposite.  Their goal is to entertain and literally reach the people.

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