Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drum and Bugle Corps for the Stage

A few weeks ago, I looked at drum and bugle corps. The Blast show and the Crazy Angel Company are two examples of groups based on drum and bugle corps that perform inside on a stage.

Blast is a show that is currently touring the United States. They perform with the same elements as the outdoor drum corps.  They have brass instruments, percussionists, and a color guard with flags, rifles, sabers, and other objects. Together, they use their movement with the music to make an exciting show. Here is a video of Blast.

In Japan, the Crazy Angel Company has a similar type of show.  They combine their brass playing with movement such as dance, color guard, juggling, and sword fighting. Their goal is to "create a new musical culture." This group adds a few other instruments such as saxophone but they are mostly brass. Here is a video of them.

Check out their websites for more information:

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