Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ready, Set, Blog!

Hello! This is my first post for my blog as part of the Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature course.  When I was thinking about a topic, my first idea was to search for a connection between brass and dance. Are there any choreographed dance works set to brass music? Are there any specific brass groups that play for dancers (either for choreography or at a club)? Are there any brass musicians who do a routine while they play? As I started researching I decided to change my idea from dance to movement in general. The goal is to learn about any brass ensemble music where either the performers or the audience is in motion. This can include dancing, walking, running, marching, swimming, traveling by automobile, etc.  I've already found several examples and I can't wait to learn more! I hope this blog can help me, and anyone who wants to read it, learn about various brass ensembles and their cultural significance throughout history.  Also, I hope to inspire new ideas for brass performance.

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  1. Great idea for a theme, you should be able to find a lot. Here's something: